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A/C Installation and Replacement

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Air conditioning is one of the greatest joys of the modern world, allowing people to beat the summer heat and enjoy greater comfort and relaxation. If you don't have air conditioning in your home, you'd be shocked at how much greater pleasure and utility you can derive from your home with a simple air conditioning installation. Even if your home does come with air conditioning (or you use the window-mounted units), air conditioning replacement is something that needs to happen on an occasional basis in order to ensure that everything is working as efficiently as possible. 


Air Conditioning Installation


If your home does not yet have A/C, you might worry about the process, time, and cost involved. However, it can be easier, quicker, and less costly than you might think. If your house is already heated by a forced-air system (the most common kind of heating system in US homes), A/C installation can be completed in just a few days without major changes to your home's ductwork. 

You'll first need to select a unit, which can be recommended to you by your installer. This will depend on an assessment of your home's heat gain, which will determine the strength of A/C unit necessary. Then, a split-system condenser will be installed outside of your home and a fan-and-coil system will be installed somewhere in your home. If you have an attic, this is the most common location. 

Then, your ducts will be inspected and upgraded if necessary. If your home does not have ducts, they can be installed with a surprisingly small footprint. 

Overall, the impact of installing an air conditioning system in your home is fairly limited. Apart from the two units, there is minimal construction that needs to happen, and costs are generally fairly low. 


Air Conditioning Replacement


If you do have air conditioning in your home, you know how beneficial it is. However, even the best systems need to be recharged or replaced. You know it's time to replace your air conditioning system if it simply isn't working, if you want a more modern and energy efficient system, or if you want "more" than simple cooling.

If your home is already equipped for air conditioning, and you simply want to upgrade what you currently have, it's a simple process of purchasing a new unit and having it installed. This requires minimal work, minimal cost, and minimal time.


Some homeowners who are looking for a more energy efficient system will do more than just purchase a more efficient unit. Other factors can influence the efficiency of your home. You may elect to upgrade your insulation, which will keep your home at the correct temperature. You may even select to divide your home into different climate-controlled zones, allowing you to just heat or cool the floor or room that you're currently in, increasing energy efficiency and decreasing costs. Zoning your home can be done simply, along with your air conditioning replacement, and can provide ample benefits all year round, increasing your energy efficiency while decreasing your bill.


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