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Ductless Mini Split Systems

Bethlehem, PA A/C and Heating Ductless Mini Split Systems

A ductless mini split A/C unit is an air conditioning unit (that's the A/C part) that is small in size (mini), does not require ducts (hence the ductless) and uses the same split system construction that larger, duct-based air conditioning systems require (split). In order to understand how a ductless mini split A/C system works, you need to first understand how a full-size system works.

There are two parts to a split system: first, the air condenser, which is placed outdoors. It uses a compressor to suck hot air out of your house, which heats a refrigerant in the condenser. A fan then blows outside air over the refrigerant, cooling it. This cool refrigerant is then sent into your house to the second part of the A/C unit, the evaporative coil. In the evaporative coil, the refrigerant expands rapidly, causing it to cool even further. It travels through ducts in the home to cool it.

A ductless mini split A/C unit is a smaller version of this system, which doesn't require ducts. Rather than sending the refrigerant through ducts to cool the home, it is pushed out of vents in the wall-mounted unit housing the evaporator coil itself. This makes it ideal for a number of applications. Its minimally invasive installation can make it a good choice for apartments, older houses, homes without ducts, and more. Because of its small footprint, it can also be an ideal option for people looking to install climate zones in their homes, which permit different areas of the home to be heated and cooled individually. Climate zones can help increase the energy efficiency of your home as well as lower your heating and cooling bills. They are easy to install, offer excellent flexibility, and, while not totally invisible, are less intrusive than a window-mounted unit.


Can I heat and cool a space with a ductless unit?


Yes! A ductless HVAC unit can be used for climate control in both directions – both heating and cooling. Ductless heating and cooling systems are exceedingly energy efficient (more than 25% more efficient than duct-based heating systems) because they lack ducts, where a lot of energy is lost. For this reason, they can save you some serious money on your heating and cooling bill. Because it can both heat and cool, it's a great option for rooms that might have been constructed outside of the standard home – a garage that's been turned into a utility room, for example, or a sunroom – anywhere where you want to be able to heat and cool a small space.


What maintenance does a ductless heating and cooling system require?


These systems require a tiny bit more maintenance than some heating and cooling systems. The filters must be cleaned on a monthly basis to prevent the accumulation of debris or buildup, which could damage the machine. If you smoke or have pets, you'll want to clean the filters more often. This, though, is a small price you'll pay for the increased utility and comfort you gain from a ductless A/C system.



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