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Emergency Services

Emergency Services Heating and A/C


The HVAC system at your residence or business can go down day or night without notice. This can leave you with sweltering hot temperatures when you need to stay cool or shivering cold temperatures when you need to stay warm. 


Heating and Air Conditioning Emergencies 


The following are some problems that may require emergency AC repairs or heating repairs:

  • Gas leaks

  • Ventilation problems due to blocked ductwork

  • Clogged lines in the air conditioning system

  • Frosted heat pump unit

  • Damaged outdoor unit/compressor

  • Leaking refrigerant

  • Iced condenser or evaporator coils

  • Faulty or broken thermostat

  • Strange noises in the HVAC system

In emergency situations like these, you will need prompt and reliable emergency heating and air conditioning repairs done by experts. It is also best to hire professionals who get the repairs, replacement or installation done with no hidden or surprise fees. 


The Experts in HVAC Repairs


Air Professionals Inc provides 24-hour heating and air conditioning repairs and services to customers in Bethlehem, PA, and the surrounding areas. 

We have been offering top quality, energy-efficient HVAC installation and emergency services for over 25 years! You can call us 24/7 at 610-865-0749 to fix these HVAC problems to avoid long periods of discomfort or even disaster. 

Our NATE certified technicians who provide installation and emergency services to residential, commercial, and industrial systems are among the best in the area. 

Whether it be malfunctioning gas, oil or propane systems, heat pumps, boilers, and furnaces or emergency AC repairs, they will work around-the-clock until they diagnose and fix the problem. Even if it’s a problem you are not sure requires emergency repair, call us to get a diagnosis. 


24-Hour Heating and Air Conditioning Repair


You don’t have to worry that your HVAC system went down after business hours. Our technicians are equipped with state of the art equipment, parts, and tools and are available 24/7 to satisfy all your heating and air conditioning repair needs. 


No Hidden or Surprise Fees


Emergency air conditioning repair or other maintenance and repairs services can be costly. Because we value you as a customer and want to help you save money while keeping you in comfort, there are no hidden or surprise fees for services. A diagnosis will be done, and you will be given the exact cost of the emergency AC repair or heating repairs. 


Free Estimates on New Units and Installations


At Air Professionals we are so confident about our expertise that we offer free estimates on new units and installations. We also offer a free in-house consultation for a new furnace, air conditioning or heat pump installations.

Stop wondering which 24-hour heating and air conditioning repairs service company is best. Call Air Professionals Inc for affordable, 24-hour AC repairs and emergency services. 

Whether it is emergency heating or air conditioning repairs or replacement, call 610-865-0749 right away! One or more technicians will respond immediately.


If your system is beyond repair, we offer free estimates on new units and installations.


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