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Maintenance Plan

You Should Have Your Maintenance Agreement With The Professionals

  1. Fewer breakdowns – 90% of all breakdowns have been attributed to lack of Maintenance

  2. 15% immediate discount Savings – can actually pay for the first several months of the membership cost

  3. Equipment serviced on an annual basis – factory recommendations are to have the equipment serviced at least once a year

  4. Will not void factory warranty – just like a car, if the equipment is serviced annually, factory warranty will remain valid

  5. Automatic Reminder – No need to worry when the next appointment is due, we contact you when it is time to have the equipment serviced

  6. Safety – If the air conditioner or any other covered system breaks down, it could be a comfort issue. But if the furnace breaks down it could be a safety issue

  7. Priority Service – no matter how busy we are, you will have a 48 hr or sooner response time

  8. Lessen pollutants in the home – The EPA recommends having central air handling systems, including furnaces, flues and duct work inspected annually & promptly repair any cranks or components to lessen the pollutants in the home

  9. Absolutely 100% satisfaction guaranteed on our Service Agreements​

Additional Benefits:
  • Improved efficiency

  • Extended equipment life

  • Improved capacity

  • Priority customer

  • Inflation protection

  • Agreement is transferable

  • Energy efficiency report

  • 24 Hr.- Emergency Service

Get your maintenance plan started today!

Preventative Maintenance


It is Essential to ask us about our Energy Savings Agreement to extend the life of your residential & commercial HVAC system, a good maintenance is key in keeping the costs of HVAC use to their minimum. Remember... ask about our Energy Savings Agreement!


This plan can help you save money and repair headaches in the future. Our Planned preventative maintenance contract provides:


  • Regular scheduled visits

  • System Inspection and Tune Up

  • A fixed annual fee to fit your system and budget

  • Analysis of system operations by trained professionals to avoid unexpected and expensive repairs

  • Priority Service

  • Extended equipment life

  • Warranty protection

  • Computerized record of your maintenance history


Our Energy Savings Agreement includes Return-on-Investment energy-savings paybacks and equipment life analysis to reduce downtime and repair costs. We offer multiple maintenance programs to help suit your priorities, budget and comfort needs. Our programs are designed to prevent unnecessary expenditures by identifying problems well in advance.

Our Customers Include: High tech companies, State of PA, Schools districts, Manufacturing, apartment communities, property managers, facilities managers, building owners and general contractors.



Our Precision tune-up procedures include:

  • clean and check condenser coil

  • clean and check evaporator coil

  • check operating pressures

  • check starting capabilities

  • check safety controls

  • check and replace filters

  • check and adjust blower components

  • check for correct air flow

  • clean condensate drain

  • check for proper temperature difference

  • check all-electrical connections

  • check voltage and amperage on motors

  • lubricate all moving parts where necessary

  • check thermostat calibration

  • check heat exchanger

  • check burner operation

  • adjust gas valves

  • monitor limit controls

  • remove obstructions in flue

  • apply protective coating to outside unit



No repairs or improvements will be undertaken without your authorization.

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